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Make sole traders your easiest clients

Instead of chasing clients for paperwork, log-in to the Osu accounting portal and get instant access to your clients’ accounting data whenever you need.

Osu's payment and business management app helps sole traders thrive, automates the bookkeeping, and connects to their bank account.

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We recommend the Osu app to all of our sole trader clients."

T. Dimitrova - Chart Accountancy

Hands down the best app if you’re a sole trader or small business owner. Love it."

J. Portnoi - JP Coaching

Get your clients' accounting information in 3 minutes

Sign up.  Create your Osu portal account in 30 seconds.

Invite clients.  Your client downloads Osu from from the App Store or Google Play and gets started in 2 minutes.

Get the data.  Within the app they connect their bank account in just 30 seconds.

Give your clients an app they'll love. Get the accounting data you need. It's a win-win.

Designed with sole traders in mind, more than 10,000 self-employed individuals across the UK use the Osu app to manage customers, book appointments, issue invoices, accept zero-fee payments, track expenses, connect their bank account and put the bookkeeping on autopilot.

Because Osu is a simple, elegant and intuitive app for the day-to-day reality of running your own business, sole traders love using it. And through the Osu accounting portal, you'll have instant access to your clients' accounting information whenever you need.

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Quality transaction data

With MTD on the way, Osu makes it easy to get quality transaction data and files without needing to chase clients. Review, edit, and copy-and-paste into your preferred tax filing software.

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Direct bank feeds

By connecting with 30 banks, Osu makes it easy for sole traders to categorise income and expense items from their bank account. You can review and edit whenever needed. That’s it!

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Easy expense management

Within the expenses tab easily filter transactions by category, review the data, and make single or bulk edits. You'll also see the VAT along with the capital allowances.

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CSV files and SNF reports

Export CSVs from the Osu accounting software whenever you need. And when it’s time for filling you can simply copy and paste the SNF report directly into your preferred tax filing software.

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Sole trader directory listing

With more than 10,000 sole traders using the Osu app, you can create your own in-app directory listing. The more clients you have on the Osu platform, the higher your listing will appear.

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Game changing client app

There’s a reason UK sole traders have fallen in love with Osu. Instant payments, professional invoicing, appointment scheduling, client management and payment chasing, all for free.

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Invoicing made simple

Instead of raising old school invoices, your clients can send a payment request from the app in under 30 seconds. A professional invoice is then created for them automatically.

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Scan receipts easily

When your client scans a receipt the Osu app automatically extracts the data. With one extra tap they  classify the expenses. You can then make single or bulk edits whenever you need.

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Built for accountants

Our accounting software makes your life easier and saves you time. By building an app sole traders actually use, you get client data and files without even needing to ask.

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Sole traders are the beating heart of local communities.

We help them thrive when it comes to business. You can help them thrive when it comes to accounting.

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Reviews of the Osu app

Osu is the best app!

“Hands down the best app if you’re a sole trader or small business owner. Plus there’s no fees! Love it.”

Absolutely love Osu!

“I absolutely love Osu! Customer payments go straight into my account. Would give 10 stars if I could.”

Highly recommended!

“Using Osu has helped me cut down on admin time enormously and it’s made collecting payments easy.”

What your clients get for free

Free with Osu.

Payment requests /mo


Payment limit /mo

Upgrade £1,000

Invoices /mo

Upgrade 10

Payment reminders /mo

Upgrade 25

CRM contacts

Upgrade 100

Instant payments

Direct settlement

Zero transaction fees

Professional invoicing

Invoice itemisation

Invoice download

Booking and scheduling

Daily schedule view

Customer payment widget

Business customisation

Logo upload

Automated reminders

Payment push notifications

Client notes

In-app communications

PayPal integration

Stripe integration

24/7 customer support


What is Osu?

Osu is a cutting-edge business management and payment app for sole traders, the self-employed, and micro businesses, allowing them to easily manage their clients, take control of their schedule, issue invoices, take client payments and more.

Within the Osu app users have access to a suite of business management tools - a laser-focused CRM for client contact details, notes, and payments history, a booking and calendar tool, automatic reminders for late paying customers, modern professional invoicing, and more.

For payments, Osu’s core payments technology allows users to create and send secure payment requests to their clients. Clients can then pay in 3-clicks and the money is transferred instantly and directly to the Osu user's bank account with zero transaction fees.

How do payments work with Osu?

Osu leverages Open Banking APIs to connect businesses and their customers for secure and instant account-to-account payments.

It means customers can authenticate and confirm payments directly with their own bank, without exposing any sensitive information to any third party – Osu included. What’s more, by automatically connecting the payment information to the bank itself, there’s no risk of typing in incorrect account numbers or amounts – just 100% accuracy.

For businesses it means zero transaction fees, truly instant settlement, and the near total elimination of fraud and chargebacks.

Is Osu authorised by the FCA?

Osu Ltd is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority with reference number 931780. Osu Ltd is a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 10516109 whose registered office is 3 Brook Business Centre, Cowley Mill Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, United Kingdom, UB8 2FX.

As an authorised PISP Osu Ltd. provides PIS services as set out in paragraphs 1(g) and 1(h) of Schedule 1 of the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (SI 2017/752) and defined in Regulation 2 of the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (SI 2017/752).

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