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Osu helps you get paid, instantly - with no transaction fees. Osu is free. Get started today so you can spend more time on your business, not chasing payments.

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Osu does the hard work for you

No transaction fees

You get 100% of every payment, every time. With no hidden fees.

Automated reminders

Create invoices easily. We’ll automate the admin and send payment reminders.

Instant payments

When clients pay, the money’s instantly sent to your bank account.

For all professionals

How it works

Create the request

Add the client’s contact details, then enter the amount being requested.

Send via SMS or email

Generate an invoice in one click, then send the request via SMS or email. 

Receive the payment

Clients open the message, then click a link and pay directly from their phone.

What our customers are saying

This app has made getting paid by my customers so much easier. No more needing to chase them for payment. Love how simple it is to use.

Chloe, Hairdresser

Osu is a lifesaver for my freelance business - I'm no longer endlessly chasing customers for payment. Also cuts out those nasty fees.

Jonny, Financial Advisor

Amazing - it makes it so easy and instant for customers to pay. Plus you get a notification that the money is already in your bank account.

Rachel, Property Manager

Take payments and issue invoices for free

Compare Osu's Free plan to what you'll pay other providers every year on £1,000 of monthly sales.

Transaction fees


Payments take 7 days to arrive

Transaction fees


Payments take 3 days to arrive

Transaction fees


Payments are instant

Transaction fees


Payments take 5 days to arrive

Transaction fees


Payments take 5 days to arrive

Fees as advertised on January 1, 2021; Stripe 1.4% + 20p; iZettle 1.75%; SumUp 2.5%; PayPal 2.9% + 30p; Assuming average transaction of £50.

Better for your clients


Clients click a link, pick their bank, then confirm payment with Face or Touch ID.


With one tap, clients receive a professional invoice with your company logo.


No fiddly bank transfers or cashpoint trips. Clients pay on their phone in seconds.

Osu is free

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