Take client payments easily, anywhere - from your phone

Get paid easily, fully, and on time. Getting paid is one of the most important parts of running a business. Osu has got you covered - direct payments, easy invoicing, and late payer reminders are all part of the Osu app.

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Payment requests

Issue payment requests from the Osu app. You can issue requests via SMS or email, once a request is sent your clients will receive a simple payment link. Clients click on the link and pay you in 3 easy steps. No account needed at your client’s side, they can pay directly from their phone anywhere, anytime, with bank level security.

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Direct account to account payments

With Osu’s innovative account to account payment technology you can request payments from your clients and get paid fully and directly. That’s right, when using Osu’s account to account payments you do not pay any transaction fees and the money is transferred directly to your account. Getting paid this way is also blazingly fast with payments  transferred instantly into your account

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Automatically issue invoices with your payment requests. Osu does the heavy lifting for you, set up invoicing if a few clicks, upload your company logo and a beautiful invoice will be automatically issued to your clients with every request. Invoices will be available to your clients as email attachments and also directly in the payment widget.

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Payment itemisation and description

Detail and customise each payment. With Osu you can break down payments into individual items and add detailed descriptions so your clients always know what they are paying for. Items and descriptions are reflected in the invoices Osu issues for you.

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Automatic payment reminders

Wasting precious time chasing payments? Osu will do this for you, clients will automatically be reminded to complete their payments. Osu will send out messages for late payers, reminding them to pay you. You can customize the frequency and message that is sent so no client will miss a payment again.

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Additional payment options

In addition to Osu’s direct account to account  payments you can offer additional payment options to your clients. Osu supports both Card payments and PayPal. Easily add card payments to your account from within the app. Card payments incur an additional payment fee paid to the processor at an amount of 1.4% + 20p per transaction. This is completely optional and can be turned on or off from your account.

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Rated 5* by our customers

It's simple to use

It's simple to use, I feel reassured that client payments are being taken care of.

Josh, Personal trainer


Clients are paying in less than a minute, which goes to show just how easy this system is to use.

Paul, Therapist

So easy to see who's paid

So easy to see who's paid and send reminders if they haven't

Steve, Driving instructor

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