Paul Carslake

Paul Carslake is a registered psychotherapist, running his own private practice in London. He’s been using Osu since November 2020.

After a career in book publishing, Paul decided to change course and pursue psychotherapy in 2013. Since then, he’s qualified as a registered psychotherapist and now runs his own popular private practice in London.

Last year, Paul was looking for a convenient way to collect payments – for him and his patients. That’s when he came across an advert for Osu. “I was already researching various payment platforms for online patients, and the idea of fast online payments without cards feels fresh and new.”

Paul found it simple to get up and running. “Signing up was easy and took no time at all. Whenever I had a question, I was able to chat with a member of the Osu team online and everything was sorted out. They continue to be quick to respond to any queries I have.”

Everything you need to run a business

Business is going well for Paul, which is great. But it doesn’t leave him with much time to take care of all the admin that comes with running a practice. Thankfully, Osu’s helping him stay on top of everything.

“The Osu app saves me time on sending payment requests. I noticed that some of these requests are being paid in less than a minute after being sent, which goes to show just how easy this system is to use.” 

Osu’s also flexible enough for Paul’s needs. “Personally, I like to be able to bill patients each week, rather than monthly. So a quick and simple payment process via the client's own mobile banking app – which is what Osu does – provides a good solution for this.”

Thriving in a remote-first world

While the pandemic prompted some changes in the way Paul works, it hasn’t been all bad. “Online has become the new normal. For obvious reasons, face-to-face sessions have been on hold during lockdown, but I think both therapists and patients have adapted well to these new ways of connecting.”

He continues, “We’re now very used to running online sessions. And, given the number of people currently working from home, there’s more flexibility to fit a session into the working day.”

Ultimately, it’s all about convenience. “Online-based therapy has actually given more people easier access to our services. And Osu’s making it simpler for them to pay.” 

Find out more about Paul’s work on the talkplace website.

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