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Noone enjoys bank transfer faff, rushed trips to the nearest ATM, or handing over card details. Osu’s core payment technology makes everything simpler, faster, and much, much more secure. Customers click a link, pick their bank and biometrically authorize the payment with their own bank. We think cards will soon be a thing of the past. Once your customers pay this way, they’ll probably agree.

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Lightning-fast payment process

Osu’s core payment technology eliminates all the hassle associated with traditional bank transfers. They’ll never again need to manually enter sort codes and account numbers, or use plastic chip and pin devices to generate one-time codes. Instead, using their phone, customers click a link, pick their bank, and then confirm payment with Face or Touch ID.

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Invoices available when needed

Prior to any payment customers can review the payment detail and then view and download a professional invoice. What’s more, Osu’s payment links never expire, meaning that your clients can always access the payment summary and invoice file in future. Instead of files going missing, they’re readily available at the click of a button.

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No fiddly bank transfers or cashpoint trips.

Clients pay on their phone in seconds.

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Rated 5* by our customers

Simple process

Great for sending a gentle nudge to people so that they pay in a smooth and simple process.

Chris, Sole trader

Great app

Great app to keep track of your clients and get them to pay quickly. Highly recommended!

Paul, Small business owner

User friendly

Osu is easy to use, more than user friendly, very fast and the customer service team is truly amazing.

Doyin, Cleaning services

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