Manage your schedule and clients in one place

Osu combines calendar management with client admin and makes it easy. Schedule appointments, plan your day, and add client notes on the go in just a few taps. We know your time is precious - that’s why we’ve made it so simple.

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Time management made simple

Osu’s scheduling tool makes life easy. In one place send invites, add events to your calendar, and view and adjust your daily schedule. For your clients, it’s equally easy - they receive an email with all the necessary details, click accept, and they’re done -  in their calendar too! And if there’s a last minute change? No problem, you can contact your client from the app!

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Keep track of your clients

View your clients past payments, open balances, and all invoices in our laser-focused CRM. No endless rows and columns of superfluous information and manual data entry. No complicated filters, folders, menus and sub-menus. The Osu CRM keeps everything easily accessible, visible, and downloadable.

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Add notes to keep track of everything

Whether it’s the end of the day or while you’re on the move, quickly take notes using Osu. It’s as convenient as jotting something down on a scrap of paper, but with the certainty that you’ll always be able to go over things later. What’s more, by adding notes to specific clients you can easily maintain records of what you’ve done and where things stand.

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Communicate with your clients

Want to quickly message your client? Need to send your customer an email reminding them about an invoice? Got an urgent client call to make? Using the Osu app you can communicate with your customers with all the relevant information in front of you. Call, text, email, and WhatsApp - we’ve got you covered.

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Rated 5* by our customers

For a small business like me

For a small business like me that's trying to scale, I couldn't recommend Osu highly enough

Tamir, Osteopath

Loving it so far!

Makes requesting payments so much easier for me. Loving it so far!"

Matt, Self-employed

Highly recommended!

Great app to keep track of your clients and get them to pay quickly. Highly recommended!

Danit, Self-employed

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